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Re: Should I use Debian as a web server

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>>>>> "Stuart" == Stuart Geiger <denanxiv@msn.com> writes:

    Stuart> To whom it may concern:

    Stuart> I am currently running Redhat 7.2 on a computer, and am
    Stuart> using it as a web, ftp, mail, etc. server.~ Note: I work
    Stuart> for~a non-profit organization, and setting up a server for
    Stuart> us has been something I have done in my spare time.~
    Stuart> Redhat has worked, not flawlessly, but it has worked.~
    Stuart> However, lately I have been interested in switching to
    Stuart> Debian.~ My question is this:~ Is Debian designed to be a
    Stuart> server OS, or just a workstation?~ Is Debian designed to
    Stuart> (smoothly) run my daemons, or not?

Usually, Debian is better known as a good server than a good
workstation.  I used it for both, on many different setting including
a not physically reachable server that hosts many differents groups, a
development server, a web/imap/mailing list server, a login server,
embedded prototype and as developper workstation, on x86, powerpc and
ARM, and they all work very well and were very easy to maintain (even
by a windows sysadmin with a little help to start up). However, YMMV

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