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Re: Install

also sprach Steve Greenland <steveg@moregruel.net> [2002.06.12.2254 +0200]:
> > I'm still not convinced that Linux presents a significant challenge to
> > the Windows empire in general. The fact is, I could have installed and
> > configured a pool of Windows based desktops in the time it took me to
> > complete a single Linux desktop...
> How many Linux installs have you done, vs. MS Windows installs? I tend
> to find the (debian) linux ones faster, myself. (Considering my time,
> not necessarily time to download optional packages, etc.)

my fastest linux install to produce a system with a working
mail/web/dns/ssh/X server setup was 14 minutes. That shortened to 11
with a dpkg --get-selections output. Thomas Lange can install in
2 minutes. there is *NO WAY* that you can do this with windoze, not
even 3.1. i doubt you even reach the graphical state within that time.

your problem is that you have been ruined by micro$oft, so the true
basics of a linux install with debian are too obfuscated. try to get
yourself to understand the tools and what you are doing. in a month
you'll be wicked fast.

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