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Re: Install

On Thu, Jun 06, 2002 at 10:05:12PM -0700, Donovan Colbert wrote:
> www.debian.org proved to be a frustrating series of fruitless efforts to try
> and figure out how to best get the media to install. I tried a CD based
> install, but being a w32 oriented guy, ran into a variety of issues with
> creating a working bootable image.
> I have installed RedHat and Slackware in the past, before RedHat had fancy
> GUI based installs, and was familiar with the basic concept of making floppy
> root and rescue disks using rawrite. But I was struggling with the
> documentation available here.

What exactly was the problem? Were you unable to find things like
Or did you find these, but were discontent with them?

> I know the Debian development has a vested interest in selling CDs

Hardly. Some CD vendors donate parts of their sales to us, but that wouldn't
even begin to cover the costs of operating our servers.

> I think it might be more encouraging to newbies to have documentation that
> is clearer, or links to sites that maintain this type of documentation, to
> get us started.

I agree we have problems with this. We're working on improving the web site
to be easier to navigate and to make it faster to find stuff.

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