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Re: Negative statement of intent

Michael Holzt wrote:
> > Joey isn't at any point talking about damaging such advertisements, 
> > merely saying that he isn't going to help. 
> Sorry, i have overseen the crosscopy to the debian-project Mailinglist.
> As already said, there was a prior discussion on debian-events-eu
> which led to this statement. You might want to read it, to get your
> own conclusion.
> I think that statements like
>   'I would like to veto and strongly discourage this effort'
> only have a negative effect and disappoint all the people who
> have put engagement into the flyer. 
> I think people up in the "higher ranks" of debian like Joey really
> should refrain from such phrases as 'strongly discourage' or at
> least make clear that they are only pointing out their opinions.
> And i'm sure a wiser choice of words would have been something like
>   'I really ask you and would like to see you using free software
>    in creation of the flyer. This would be consistent with the
>    goals debian believes in'.
> Motivate, not frustrate! It doesn't help to stomp on engaged people
> who try a last-minute fix of something which has been messed by
> others.
> Got my point?

Was done in the sentence next to the one you quoted, just read on:

   ``I'd rather urge you to work towards a flyer created with Free
   Software, i.e. with LaTeX, for the next LinuxTag.  I'd also like
   to urge you to create release-independend flyers so we don't run
   into this desaster again.''

s/urge/encourage/g would be better, though.

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