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Negative statement of intent

Negative statement of intent

Personally, I will not accept another set of flyers for the Debian
project, which were created with non-free, binary-only software, when
the same can be achieved with Free Software.

If you should be going to create new flyers and get them printed,
don't expect any support from for them from myself.

Personally, I have learned that LaTeX is very well able to create nice
looking, high quality graphic output.  It is absolutely no problem, to use
coloured text, coloured boxes, rotated boxes (including or excluding
text or graphics), scaling and resizing images, rotating text around a
circle, shaded boxes, coloured lines, placing pictures in the
background etc. pp.  If you need details, check The LaTeX Graphics
Companion by Michael Goosens and others.

Instead of using non-free, binary-only software again, I would like to
encourage everybody to learn using The GIMP and LaTeX together with
their great graphic capabilities.  This will enable you to create high
quality printouts which has a chance of making you and your work look
more professional, without using non-free, binary-only software.

For some simple examples, please refer to the following

 o Informational posters, created for Oldenburger LinuxTag 2000


 o Poster for Oldenburger LinuxTag 2000


You can do a lot more with LaTeX and the GIMP.  You'll need to learn
how to use these tools and find out their features, though.

Colour separation is a task that cannot be done with free software at
the moment.  Granted.  However, if you don't require a red colour
looking the very same as on the screen, a red colour looking the very
same as on the screen and a blue tone looking the very same as on the
screen, it is perfectly ok to create a postscript file, hand it over
to a design and print studio that is able to create CMYK slides which
are then printed.

This way, only the last two final stages (separation and printing)
require non-free software.  This should be the way, in my oppinion.



Life is too short to run proprietary software.  -- Bdale Garbee

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