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Re: Negative statement of intent

Rune B. Broberg wrote:
> On Sat, May 25, 2002 at 03:34:42PM +0200, Michael Holzt wrote:
> > > If you should be going to create new flyers and get them printed,
> > > don't expect any support from for them from myself.
> > 
> > Fine. But please stop here for a while and ask yourself: 
> > 
> >   'Am I helping the debian project with this? Or is my fith
> >    for my own personal believes doing damage to the project?'
> I agree with Joey that making non-free advertisements for Debian
> achieves nothing. Joey isn't at any point talking about damaging such
> advertisements, merely saying that he isn't going to help. 

I wouldn't want to go that far, but it would simply set the wrong

If the same can be achieved with Free Software, or about the same can
be achieved with it, deprecating Free Software in favour of non-free,
proprietary, binary-only software is just the wrong sign, assuming we
are from the Debian project, who defined the DFSG and who kicked out
KDE off of potato due to license implications.

Not using Free Software tools for this task is about the same as using
vmware for boot-floppies development instead of bochs/plex86 when both
is possible.  I don't know how public it was made but Debian once
refused half a dozen of donated vmware licenses for the very same

It would just set the wrong signs if non-free software would be
preferred over free software for something both could serve for - more
or less similarily.

Hence, I'd like to encourage you to find out the powers of tools that
can create similar results, such as LaTeX, The GIMP and scribble.



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