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Re: Fwd: Is it possible to unsubscribe from the debian-userslist?

On wednesday Bill Stoye wrote:
> Thank you for your help; I finally got off the list.

so it turns out that it is possible,
  albeit after a delay of 2 weeks.

I think it is not-nice and unnecessary to keep users uninformed of the
As it is now, they find that unsubscribing doesnt work and listmaster
doesnt respond,
  until that happy day 2 weeks later.
This seems weird for an organization that claims that the users are
their first priority.

If the problem is in the process of being solved,
  it would be nice to receive an estimate of when this will be from
  (preferably in the form of a daily post to d-u, so everybody knows
about it).

As long as it is not solved, it is good manners to put a notice on the
subscription webpage
  saying "it may take a couple of weeks before an unsubscription request
is processed".
I hereby request you to put such a notice on said webpage.

Out of curiosity i would like to know whether anybody offered help to
  or are they just considered 'external to debian so fuck them' ?
With all the programming talents in Debian an usubscription script
shouldnt be hard to get right.

i hope this will make Debian even better than it already is.

have fun !


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