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Re: Development

Le Sun, May 05, 2002 at 06:33:48AM +0100, Angshuman Dasgupta écrivait:
> Hi
> 3) Have written drivers for a variety of peripherals, 
> some in ARM assembly and some in C.

Looks like you should know well intricacies of the ARM architecture,
maybe you'd like to be one of the ARM porter who build packages on ARM
and analyzes the build failures ...

> Given these, if someone can tell me if there's 
> anything I can do, Documentation/testing included,
> I'll feel really nice.

You can do many things :
- bug fixing, you can look for bugs you are able to fix in the
  release critical bugs http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical/
  You prepare pacthes and send them to the BTS.
- general QA work, you help the debian-qa team to maintain its own
  packages http://qa.debian.org for general info about qa
- help the debian-installer project to buld the next generation
- writing documentation and/or translating, see for examples the
  bugs on developers-reference (and the recent discussion on
- enhance a package that you use regularly, subsribe to it
  via the Package Tracking System (see www.debian.org/devel for
  a link giving some info about the PTS)
- helping any other project that you find out through the lists or the

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