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Re: debian ppc port

On Thu, Mar 07, 2002 at 11:30:07PM +0100, xmb wrote:
> hello... im writing to debian-project cause my point is more for the 
> project than users...
> im using deb 2.2r5 on a G3 266MHz desktop since a few months
> wasnt amazed, the mouse device didnt work, and X crashed the whole system 
> while starting up
> and everywhere old stuff from at least ?99, and some packages are missing 
> (pine, pico ect)

Pine and pico are available, in non-free as source. The license forces
us to do this.

> my point is makeing the deb ppc port better
> the "offer" (maybe not the right word, im still learning english) i can do 
> is compiling packages from their sources and sending them to u, so u can 
> include them in the next dists (i wont care if i compile even more than 2k 
> packages, it will help deb!), dont let the ppc port die
> im actually pretty useless (too much free time, no job ect) and i wanna do 
> something useful, and i think this would be very useful

PPC is far from dieing. Debian owns a dual G4 that autobuilds the entire


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