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debian ppc port

hello... im writing to debian-project cause my point is more for the project than users...

im using deb 2.2r5 on a G3 266MHz desktop since a few months
wasnt amazed, the mouse device didnt work, and X crashed the whole system while starting up and everywhere old stuff from at least ?99, and some packages are missing (pine, pico ect)

my point is makeing the deb ppc port better
the "offer" (maybe not the right word, im still learning english) i can do is compiling packages from their sources and sending them to u, so u can include them in the next dists (i wont care if i compile even more than 2k packages, it will help deb!), dont let the ppc port die im actually pretty useless (too much free time, no job ect) and i wanna do something useful, and i think this would be very useful

i can code a bit in java, but not really, still learning, but if i need help i have a good backup

please answer


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