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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Re: New project: Debian-Med

Hello Brian, hello Andreas,

I have had inquiries by interested German doctors on how they
can "obtain" a version of, say, GNUMed to try out on their
machines at home. To date I have had to tell them: "Go grab
the source."

A Debian-med distro will make such things a lot easier.

May I suggest the following: For some projects it may be
possible to create ISO images with the following properties:
 - Put it in a running machine and it starts a front end that
   connects to sample backends on the internet/started from
   this CD.
 - Put it in a booting machine and a minimalistic X-based
   Linux environment shows up running a demo version of the
   application in question.

Now I know that this might very well eat up some serious
resources but I thought I'd mention it anyway. For some
projects it may not even be technically possible (You did
notice that I never said that a project would _install_ itself
onto the host machine ? Temporary files and necessary temporary
path tweaks et al on the host system are, of course, OK.)

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