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Re: New project: Debian-Med

"Tille, Andreas" a écrit :
> I'm looking foreward for comments, suggestions and most importantly - help!
> Kind regards
>          Andreas.

Minoru Development strongly supports this initiative. I can announce
today that the Debian-med distribution will become a key part of the
Openhealth CD and will be proudly distributed from the Spirit open
source health care portal http://www.euspirit.org/

I expect that Minoru's support will be very concrete -- we are looking
to hire a developer to assist Debian-med and to integrate Spirit results
with the Debian-med project.

I urge everyone in the open source health care community to support
Andreas'  initiative. It is one step to tackling the "integration
problem": how will the various applications we are creating work
together. One of the prerequisites is that they be easily installed
together and that there is an organised way to install compatible common
components along with the applications, such as those from:

PICNIC 		http://picnic.euspirit.org/
Harp 		http://www.ist-harp.org/
OpenEmed 	http://OpenMed.sourceforge.net/
GEHR		http://www.openehr.org/
Nautilus / Ligne de vie http://www.nautilus-info.com/
OpenGALEN	http://www.opengalen.org/
OpenClinical	http://www.openclinical.org/

and others.

We have selected the Debian distribution because of the extreme care and
great organisation of the Debian volunteers. The health care field needs
a distribution that's focused more on stability and reliability than on
the latest and greatest features. The thousands of Debian volunteers
have an established track record in producing a great distribution with
"the right stuff".


Brian Bray
Minoru Development Corporation; Minoru Development SARL
The home of Openhealth(tm): http://www.openhealth.com

3, rue du Colonel Moll, 75017 Paris France

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