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Re: Collaboration Proposal..

At 11:30 PM 11/28/2001 +0100, Ionel Mugurel Ciobica wrote:
On 28-11-2001, at 22h 05'13", Josip Rodin wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 28, 2001 at 03:24:11PM +0100, RIBNITZ Robert wrote:
> > So, who is going to write that 'spoiler'? - is there anyone on this list
> >   with notions of romanian or hungarian (largest minority in romania)?
> How about the good people who translate our web pages into Romanian? :)
> Aurelian, Ionel, if you haven't seen this thread on debian-project, check:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2001/debian-project-200111/msg00097.html

I had a look to the entire threat from the debian-project archive
concerning this new project of Debian in Romania.

If someone is willing to write the 'spoiler' in English (or French)
I can translated in Romanian. I am not sure that I can manage myself
to write it. But if this is what is required I would need some help.
Can someone at list point out the direction, a plan, something?
I did not subscribe to debian-project mailing list, please cc me.
Or if you consider that it is a long project I could subscribe...

A "verry good presentation of the Debian Linux Distribution" is required
>from the owner of www.linux.ro, can we use something which is already

Someone want to know what is saying in the Debian box at
http://www.linux.ro/distributii/#Debian? I could translate that for you.
Please let me know.


the funny thing is that I had not seen the thread although I am on the debian-www list !? I will check with my admin, he is probably filtering...

I know a bit about those guys - they host some Linux specific groups and lists, they are also developing software on command, probably went also as an ISP.

If I understand well, a link to them in the cd vendors list and a link in the Romanian specific section would be a good start. Also, a short presentation in Romanian about Debian, for them to post on their news channels (we can do that). Ionel, do you know what exactly they understand by collaboration?


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