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re: Collaboration Proposal..


  whether what they sent is UCE (ontopic), or sipmly a glorification of
  company could be discussed. However, as I read that mail, I (perhaps 
  wrongly) ipmlied that they provide space for us to describe "our" 
  distribution, and they surely have the capability to host a local mirror

  It is sad to see that at this moment, the debian project is not that
  in romania, but I think this gives us the opporunity to become more

  So instead of arguing whether this was spam, we should go about and mail 
  them a description (on-topic, factual) of what debian is and is not. 

  Whether they make money on selling (perhaps) official Debian CD's or 
  providing support for debian in romania is non-essential to me. 

  In short, the 'freedom thing' of debian is a good thing, but our personal 
  beliefs shouldnt interfere with the expansion/popularisation of what we 
  consider to be a good distribution. 

  So, who is going to write that 'spoiler'? - is there anyone on this list 
  with notions of romanian or hungarian (largest minority in romania)? 

  Robert Ribnitz 

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