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Re: RFD: Separate mailing list for users running testing?

--- Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> wrote:
> FYI, debian-testing is NOT for developers.


If that is true then perhaps it would be a good idea
to update some part of the following to be more accurate, correct, or informative.

"This is an index of mailing list archives for the following category: Developers"
debian-testing: Testing Debian  

> This list was created for the testing group started during the release of
> 1.3. Most of the members at that time were Debian users, and not
> developers. The whole point was to get users involved in testing.
> Developers said they were already testing on their own.
> The testing group has hit some hard times in the last few years, and has
> not been as active as possible for various reasons.

You mentioned 1.3.  But I'm unclear on this: 
What is debian-testing's purpose today?

> If you want to make a push for more users to get involved in the effort, I
> support that very strongly. If you want to coopt this list for some other
> noise reduction issues, please look elsewhere.

I'm not interested in coopting this list.

I'm interested in getting a list available for discussion of the issues of
_using_ the software in the system currently known as Woody/testing 
(and perhaps also including the software in Sid/unstable
 (Which might mean the name for the list should be something like:
  debian-Woody/Sid-user  or

  Or, perhaps there should be _another_ new list devoted just to discussing
  _using_ the software that is in Sid/unstable.

  But, perhaps a single list for discussing using 
  Woody/Sid testing/unstable is better/sufficient? ).

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