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Re: Random BTS musings

* Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> [20010729 21:39]:
> The only thing which people actually do atm which the BTS doesn't
> really support is to help coordinate QA work on bugs (eg during bug
> squashing), which could be fixed by a "tag" that lets you say
> something like:
> 	tag 123456 taken-by=ajt@debian.org

Yes, this would be useful.  Another thing I'd like to have is a way to
add a short summary to a bug so people see at a glance what's the bug
about (and no, I'm not convinced this summary is (or should be) the
same as the subject); another thing which might be good is an "action"
tag saying what is being done about the bug (e.g. maintainer takes
care, package being removed, etc) [ Actually, taken-by could be part
of this 'action' tag ].  During the freeze, BugScan can show packages
to be removed; BugScan has its own file for this; it would be nice to
put this information in the BTS so various tools can use that instead
of each having it's own files.

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