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Re: Random BTS musings

mdz@debian.org (Matt Zimmerman) writes:

I'd love to see the general clue level of bug reports go up, and of course I'd
love for every bug report to include a suggested patch.  But, I think that one
of the "prices of success" is that as our user base broadens, we will encounter
more and more people for whom computing is a tool, not an obsession... and that
means it is inevitable that the bug system "noise" will go up.  

The solution to that is *not* to increase the complexity of the BTS, but 
rather to have more eyeballs working on *resolving* the bugs as they arrive.

> The BTS really needs a redesign, to learn from the other bug reporting
> systems out there.

While I am not adverse to carefully-considered changes, I would like to point
out that one of the reasons the Debian BTS has been so successful both for us
and for some other groups that I work with that have adopted it for their
use... is that it is *not* like the other bug reporting systems out there.

I can't help but think that the time spent fiddling with the classification
information on bug reports would be better spent actually working on fixing
the bugs themselves!

Even our existing tag mechanism doesn't get used very much... and if it were
my choice, we'd have fewer severity levels defined.  Too many choices just
increases the process overhead for those who are fundamentally volunteering
their time to help "make the world safe for bits..."


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