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Random BTS musings


Is it just me, or do bug reports seem to be tending more towards the
wrong end of the:

	(1) Working, tested, explained patch
	(2) Tested workaround
	(3) Full diagnosis and explanation of what's wrong
	(4) Full details on how to reproduce the bug, and explanation of
	    why it's a bug
	(5) Logs of the bug happening
	(6) A basic description of what went wrong
	(7) A comment on a bug in this or a related package
	(8) Misdiagnosed user error

scale? If we get more and more users, or more and more newbie users,
or more and more users who want an "information appliance" instead of
a computer, I can only see this getting worse. Is there anything we
can do to improve this? Maybe encouraging people who can only provide
(5)-(8) to discuss it on a mailing list (or with members of their local
LUG?) first is the way to go? (Having bugs filed as RC that don't at least
meet (4) is quite annoying from my perspective, at any rate)

Thoughts? Is this worth thinking about or trying to ameliorate?


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  do not understand, cannot perceive, or don't care about, is too much.''
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