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Re: Debian joins Gnome Foundation Advisory Board

Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.north.de> wrote:
>The Debian project has been invited to join the Advisory Board of the
>recently created Gnome Foundation.  The Advisory Board is a forum for
>organizations and companies that have an interest in Gnome to
>communicate with the Board of the Foundation and work together to
>support Gnome.

This is great news. It's always good to see our project getting the
opportunity to have more of a voice in other projects.

When "the Debian Project" sits on boards like this, who represents it?
The DPL? Are individual developers welcome to ask the delegate to the
board to put forward an opinion on their behalf, and through what
channels should this go?


Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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