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Gibraltar project: first pre-release

Hi all

I am pleased to announce the first pre-release of the Gibraltar project. It is a
Debian-based firewall/router. The software runs completely from a bootable, live
CD-ROM that contains everything needed to build a firewall/router. Log files can
be stored on a harddisk partition, configuration data is stored on a floppy disk
and kept in a RAM disk.
You can find a preliminary information page on http://gibraltar.vianova.at/

The package that is used to create the necessary initrd images for booting the
live CD-ROM should already be in woody (package mkinitrd-cd, thanks to Christoph
Lameter for sponsoring the upload). All scripts that are needed to bring the
system up will soon be uploaded to woody (a new binary package generated from
the same source package that also builds mkinitrd-cd).

I hope somebody finds it useful.

best greets,

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