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Re: Fear the new maintainer process

On Wednesday 26 July 2000, at 12 h 57, the keyboard of Marcus Brinkmann 
<Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de> wrote:

> > the processing queue is about 200 while the number of Application Managers 
> > is only about 30.  We need more and more Application Managers now.
> I prophecised this in my critique as well. I knew that the additional,
> completely unnecessary workload would require a lot of volunteers work,

Worse, this was predicted also from the *experience* of sponsoring new 
maintainers <http://www.internatif.org/bortzmeyer/debian/sponsor/>, not only 
from a theoretical analysis.

The real-size experimentation performed in sponsoring seems to have been 
completely ignored when designing the new NM process.

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