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Re: On the lets-remove-nonfree-proposal

Am Mit, 19 Jul 2000 16:04:57 Hamish Moffatt Sie:
> I personally see two goals for Debian:
> 1. Produce a high quality, open source UNIX system.
> 2. Introduce people to open source ideals.

Debian was founded long before the Open Source movement hit the market.

Personally, I value freedom over quality and convenience, and would
hope that Debian promotes it this way.

Free software is not necessarily of higher quality, there is a lot of
bad software around, free or proprietary. It is good to see that free
software can be of higher quality, but it is not a direct consequence.

> However, I think this GR compromises #2.
> We lose our opportunity
> to show them the benefits of open source (goal #2).

I think that the benefits of free software is that it is free,
not that it allows to run netscape on it or any other technical
argument. We currently don't take our opportunity to show this
to our users.

For the records, I disagree with your evaluation of the reactions
of our users and reachability of proprietary software. But lack of
agreeable evidence prevents a discussion about it.


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