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Re: Clarifications

On Thu, Jun 08, 2000 at 11:16:27 -0400, Robert D. Hilliard wrote:
>In the Debian Manifesto Ian Murdock said that Debian would be distributed
>by The Free Software Foundation.  This would effectively prevent a non-free

Why? It prevented the distribution of non-free packages as part of the
FSF Linux distribution. It didn't prevent the creation of a separate
non-free section, not part of Debian.

In any case, a lot of things have changed since Ian wrote the Manifesto that
affect the non-free issue. Debian is not an FSF project anymore. It is no
longer an enlightened dictatorship, nor a triumvirate. The Manifesto has
been replaced by the Social Contract as the central document that binds the
project together.

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