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New Architecture


To get to the point as quickly as possible.... 

What process(es) must be followed to start a Debian dist for a new

I'm hoping to kick into life a Debian/390 dist for the IBM S/390
architecture based on the just released S/390 linux kernel patches.  Yes I
know the S/390 kernel patches are just a beginning (a pretty good one),
but getting in early is often a 'Good Thing' and a quality dist like
Debian will help move things along quite quickly by coordinating efforts
and producing a quality product.

I'm an experienced S/390 systems programmer and long-term Linux user
(since around 1993, pre-debian in fact).

As I can't find any web documentation which describes the process I
thought i'd gather comments (flames or otherwise) from this group on any
issues etc which may arise from such a project.

Thanks in advance

Geoff O'Callaghan

p.s.  If there is already a Debian/390 project underway any pointers to it
would be appreciated.

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