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Happy New Year

Happy new year, all :)


Oh, for the wonderful days of old,
When men were great, and men were bold;
These people toiled with not a care,
for there was nothing to trouble them in the pure, clean air.
No silly things, such as new-maint or the doc transition,
And there was volunteer, for every position.
Worthy causes, such as freedom, were the goals of our team,
No vile support of those things too mean.
Now all was well, in our small cohort,
the users in need got good support.
However, quietly, from afar,
came the sounds of an angry mob with more than one metal bar.
These hordes, these masses, demanded to be let in,
yet how could we tell them? yet may as well go in the bin!
Our openness, our freedom! our sense of the just!
Was smashed by these bastards, turning it to dust.
We could do nothing. our style was our downfall,
the coming stench of blood would soon most, appall.
Now as we look back, we can see where we erred,
and retrospectively shoot not just one turd. 
People like Tomasz, and Jordi, and that guy from MIT,
(who could have thought that such a place could git?)
Well may we mourn innocence lost,
But recover and re-arm now we must with no regard for cost!
For we are Debian! The strong and the brave!
And for NO-ONE shall we be a knave!



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