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Re: Proposed change to Debian constitution

On Dec 30, James Troup wrote:
> Chris Lawrence <cnlawren@olemiss.edu> writes:
> > As for naming names, it's a matter of accountability.  Yes, NM is
> > messed up.  Now we need to make sure NM doesn't get messed up again,
> > and to do that we need people in NM we can trust not to stage a
> > walkout when their perception of the project (as being overloaded
> > with deadweight developers who cultivate pages of bug reports on
> > their packages) is woefully at odds with reality.
> I didn't "stage a walkout"; I quit.  I've had nothing to do with
> new-maintainer since then.  I fail to see how that's "improper
> behaviour" which "screwed Debian over".

I was under the impression that Joey, not you, was the prime mover.
My apologies.

> As to your claim that my views are "woefully at odds with reality",
> perhaps you'd like to explain to me how I removed 35+ nominal
> "developers" (from the keyring) without even trying, not to mention a
> single one of them turning up to object?  I'd also be prepared to bet
> silly amounts of money, that someone who took the time, could go
> through and find another 100 without significant effort?

No argument there.  I never claimed that all developers are perfect;
however, we can't argue just because X and Y developers did
such-and-such that X' and Y' (new developers) will be similar
deadweight.  I suspect the effect of new developers is more positive
than that of the burned out ones you found.

> Perhaps people should look at all unjustifiable abuse people who do
> stuff for Debian receive (wahey, Ben C anyone?)?  And consider the
> implications of it...
> Oh, by the way, Chris, whatever happened to you taking over the m68k
> webpages?  As you promised to do n months ago?

Got bogged down in lots of RL projects in the meantime, not to
mention cannibalizing the SCSI drives off my A4000 since I could never
get it to burn CDs right (I think the bandwidth just isn't there).
After I get back to town and get the paper I have to finish for class
(that got put off while I recuperated from a kidney stone) finished,
and make sure my boot-floppies contributions aren't breaking anything
too horribly, and get the m68k FAQ into the FAQ Wizard, I'll track
down whoever I need to beg for access.

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