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Re: Proposed change to Debian constitution

Chris Lawrence <cnlawren@olemiss.edu> writes:

> As for naming names, it's a matter of accountability.  Yes, NM is
> messed up.  Now we need to make sure NM doesn't get messed up again,
> and to do that we need people in NM we can trust not to stage a
> walkout when their perception of the project (as being overloaded
> with deadweight developers who cultivate pages of bug reports on
> their packages) is woefully at odds with reality.

I didn't "stage a walkout"; I quit.  I've had nothing to do with
new-maintainer since then.  I fail to see how that's "improper
behaviour" which "screwed Debian over".

As to your claim that my views are "woefully at odds with reality",
perhaps you'd like to explain to me how I removed 35+ nominal
"developers" (from the keyring) without even trying, not to mention a
single one of them turning up to object?  I'd also be prepared to bet
silly amounts of money, that someone who took the time, could go
through and find another 100 without significant effort?

Perhaps people should look at all unjustifiable abuse people who do
stuff for Debian receive (wahey, Ben C anyone?)?  And consider the
implications of it...

Oh, by the way, Chris, whatever happened to you taking over the m68k
webpages?  As you promised to do n months ago?


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