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Re: Stop Debian/FreeBSD

On Sun, 21 Nov 1999, Clint Adams wrote:

> > I think the issue is not if we don't want to have any package recompilation.
> > The issue is if we can take advantage of binary compatibility where it
> > doesn't make a difference.
> By attempting to fill demand for "FreeBSD kernel with Debian" by
> providing a FreeBSD kernel with Linux binary support and ext2fs
> file support and a compatibility package so that the user can
> run Debian/Linux-i386 and pretend it's FreeBSD?

AFAIR, FreeBSD can't boot from ext2fs partition. Maybe I am wrong,
so is it possible? 
But ext2fs support in FreeBSD is very poor. I had many system crashes
after I mounted Linux partition.

Again, Linux couldn't mount FreeBSD partition. I'm afraid they should
use theirs native file system..

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