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Re: Debian FreeBSD

On Nov 19, Raul Miller wrote:
> Are we talking about wedging Debian software into a FreeBSD system, or
> are we talking about making the FreeBSD kernel available to Debian users.

I think we're talking about making Debian run without Linux emulation
under the FreeBSD kernel.  I guess the purpose is to make the
equivalent of a "FreeBSD distribution," even though there is no such
beast (there's FreeBSD, but it's not a "FreeBSD distribution" in the
sense that Red Hat and Debian are "Linux distributions", since it's
all one big happy package).

> If the former, why even bother calling it debian?  Or are we expecting
> FreeBSD to start following debian policy.

My suspicion is that we're creating FreeBSD-native packages that will
follow Debian policy, running under the FreeBSD kernel.

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