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Re: Debian FreeBSD

> Very little software should need to be recompiled in this case -- just
> use the bsd kernel with the linux compatability library.
> The post I saw looked like an attempt to marshal support for recompiling
> every debian package.
> If the purpose is indeed what you say the approach is all wrong.

Let's say you want bash on your FreeBSD system.  Which approach
are you going to take?


cd /usr/ports/.../bash
make install


(make sure linux compatibility is compiled into kernel)
(make sure all the necessary compatibility libraries are installed)
(get the deb)
dpkg -i bash*deb
(check to see if /bin/bash is properly branded.. oops, it isn't)
brandelf -t Linux /bin/bash


apt-get install bash

You'd probably do A?  Why?  Because that's pretty much your only
option.  C is unavailable right now, and nobody in their right mind
would do B.  Why would you use an emulated binary when you can
easily have a native one?

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