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Debian Law... come to Debian country!


Constitution, Immigrant restriction ("new maintainer"), Usage Policy,

... is this where it leads to? Are we going to tight ourselve in a
of rules and laws, to be enforced by soldiers who work under the regime
of a
king (beheaded annually)?

Are we constantly fixing things which are not broken? Every new policy
covers new areas (like the mail policy in the usage document, or the
sponsor stage in
the new maintainer proposal) which were not broken, and hence don't need

Where is common sense gone? Who owns Debian? What do they own? Can
Debian be owned?
Does Debian own anything?

I think "we" are building on a lot of hot air. I see a lot of problems
with this.
What do other people think? Is this where you want to go today?

PS: That's exactly this lists charter: Rantings. So flame away.

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