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Re: Debian machine usage policy

Wichert Akkerman - Debian project leader <leader@debian.org> writes:

> 3.  Don't use Debian Facilities for unlawful activities, including, but
>     not limited to, software piracy.

Please do not use the term ``piracy.''  It is a loaded word that
compares sharing software to murdering people on the high seas.
Please substitute a phrase like ``illegal copying of software.''

> Shell:=20
> Please use ssh/scp if at all possible (check the copyright, it is not
> free software, and there is no free replacement)

ssh and scp are now available in free versions as OpenSSH.

> rather than less
> secure alternatives (rsh, telnet or FTP).
> limited to, bulk em ailing and excessive news posting. Such action may

s/em ailing/emailing/

> Using Debian machines for reading mail is OK, please choose a lightly
> loaded machine [ie not master]. We do not support the use of mail download
> methods such as POP or IMAP, use your ISP's mail server and forwarding.

I'd personally break these into separate sentences rather than
making them run-ons with commas.

"Writing non-free software is not an ethically legitimate activity, so if
 people who do this run into trouble, that's good!  All businesses based
 on non-free software ought to fail, and the sooner the better."
--Richard Stallman

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