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Bug#710297: cups: server-error-internal-error encountered when setting up new printer (Dell 5130cdn color laser)

One more thing I found: the "dellcolor" printer was shown as "Local
System V Printer" as the "Model". This is not correct. This is why the
ppd does not exist.

Upon inspecting the source code of cups (using "apt-get source cups"
to download), I found a probable explanation. See file
cups-1.5.3/scheduler/ipp.c  , subroutine add_printer , where it
detects the file type (whether it is a PPD file or an "interface
script" file). This means that either:

1) the compressed PPD file (Dell_C3760dn_Color_Laser.ppd.gz) was not
read in properly. If this is the case, then the PPD is not
decompressed before being passed to "add_printer" function call.

2) something was erroneous in uncompressing the .ppd.gz file, because
I discovered that the final copied file
(/etc/cups/interfaces/dellcolor) is empty.

I would lean toward hypothesis 2. If anyone I can do to help hunt the
problem, let me know.


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