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Re: Renaming HPLIP printer driver packages

Till Kamppeter wrote:

> So a printer driver package is determined by whether it contains a printer
> driver executable or, if no driver executable is needed, provide PPD
> files (for example for PostScript printers. Generally we should consider
> all those packages printer driver packages, if the provide support for
> additional printers in addition to CUPS, Ghostscript, and Foomatic.
>>> and by that we identify the following packages as printer driver
>>> packages:
>>> - hpijs
>>> - hpijs-ppds
>>> - hplip
>>> - hplip-cups
>>> The simple approach would be to rename all these simply adding
>>> "printer-driver-" to the beginning of each package name. No problem with
>>> hpijs, hpijs-ppds, and hplip-cups.
>> Hmm. What is the difference between hpijs and hpijs-ppds ? Wouldn't it be
>> possible to pyppd-compress the PPDs of the latter and merge them back
>> (again?). This is confusing (to me…).
> hpijs contains the HPIJS driver executable plus a .drv file to generate
> the PPDs. hpijs-ppds contains the PPDs for hpijs ready-made. This is for
> using hpijs with non-CUPS spoolers. Due to this I have left the PPDs
> uncompressed.
>>> (…)
>>> (…)
> The drivers in HPLIP are:
> 1. PPDs for HP's PostScript printers, currently in package hplip.
> 2. hpcups CUPS Raster driver, default driver for non-HP printers,
> currently in package hplip-cups.
> 3. hpijs, IJS plug-in module for Ghostscript, supports the same printers
> as hpcups, currently in package hpijs.
> hpijs-ppds is not really an additional driver, it simply contains
> uncompressed, ready-made PPDs for hpijs.
> hplip and hplip-data provide the core infrastructure of HPLIP, the
> former package the architecture-dependent files and the latter the
> architecture-independent ones. The PostScript PPDs do not need HPLIP so
> that they work, therefore I suggest to move them into their own binary
> package. So users who do not use CUPS can install only the PPDs and not
> HPLIP, as HPLIP only works with CUPS.

Given the above and similarly as what I proposed for gutenprint, I now think 
the rename should happen as following: 

* rename hpijs to printer-driver-hpijs;
* rename hplip-cups to printer-driver-hplip (or printer-driver-hpcups fwiw);
* add them both to printer-driver-all recommends' list;

As for the -ppds versions, I'm tempted to trow a "I don't care" at them. :->



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