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Re: Refactoring action 1 - Renaming printer driver packages - Status update

Roger Leigh wrote:
> How would you like gutenprint to rename its packages to work with
> the new system?  In terms of user-visible packages (excluding libs)
> we have
> cups-driver-gutenprint
> escputil
> foomatic-db-gutenprint
> gimp-gutenprint
> gutenprint-doc
> gutenprint-locales
> ijsgutenprint
> i.e. there are multiple packages for different spoolers and foomatic
> and GIMP.  gimp-gutenprint can remain as it is.  cups-driver-gutenprint,
> foomatic-db-gutenprint and ijsgutenprint are the actual driver packages.

Hi Roger, and sorry for my delay in answering, 

(fwiw, I don't know much about gutenprint, so… Maybe Till has a better 
opinion on the matter.)

Under my current understanding and given the fact that many of the already-
named printer-driver-* are in fact cups-specific, I would only:

* rename cups-driver-gutenprint to printer-driver-gutenprint,
* include printer-driver-gutenprint to printer-driver-all's list of 

and leave the others as they currently are. Rationale being that cups-
driver-gutenprint, from the descriptions of the packages, is sufficent for 
cups to be able to print to the supported printers.

(Rationale² is also that if someone wants to support non-cups spoolers and 
consistent naming, they should come with proposals.)



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