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Re: Renaming HPLIP printer driver packages

On 11/03/2011 11:26 AM, Didier Raboud wrote:
Given the above and similarly as what I proposed for gutenprint, I now think
the rename should happen as following:

* rename hpijs to printer-driver-hpijs;


* rename hplip-cups to printer-driver-hplip (or printer-driver-hpcups fwiw);


* add them both to printer-driver-all recommends' list;

As for the -ppds versions, I'm tempted to trow a "I don't care" at them. :->

The PostScript printer PPDs are also a driver package, for the PostScript printers. Therefore the PPDs must get into a printer-driver-... package, too.

I suggest here to split them into their own binary package and name it printer-driver-hppostscript or printer-driver-hpps.


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