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Bug#404017: new driver for ghostscript

On Thu, 21 Dec 2006, Johannes Feigl wrote:
> i've written a new driver for a mashine we are using in our company, called
> "glassjet", is uses a special type of uncompressed tiff files. the
> output-driver is very simple.
> http://www.its-eng.com/printers_glassjet.asp
> here you can see some informations about the mashine if you wanna know about
> it.

First, let me congratulate you and your company for releasing the driver as
free software!

> i want to make it free available for everybody.
> do you know to who i should send it that it will be added in the next
> version?
> (please make some cleanup)

You can send it to Ghostscript upstream through
http://bugs.ghostscript.com/, file it as an enhancement request.

The Debian maintainer may decide to include the driver regardless of its
inclusion upstream, as well.  But that's for him to decide (I am not the
maintainer of gs-* in Debian, nor I have reviewed the code of your driver).

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