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Bug#404017: new driver for ghostscript


First, let me congratulate you and your company for releasing the driver as
free software!

well, i'm the only person who takes care about the computers/network in
company i working for, and i'm writing sometimes some software.

i like free software and use it often (at home and also at work) and so i support
it of course. is was also working for "mplayer" some years ago.

You can send it to Ghostscript upstream through
http://bugs.ghostscript.com/, file it as an enhancement request.

The Debian maintainer may decide to include the driver regardless of its
inclusion upstream, as well.  But that's for him to decide (I am not the
maintainer of gs-* in Debian, nor I have reviewed the code of your driver).

ok, i did, we'll what happens ;)

happy new year, regards, johannes

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