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Re: Cannot get anything to print from GUI apps in Sarge

Roger Leigh wrote:


Make sure that you have the CUPS client tools, cupsys-client and
cupsys-bsd, installed.

Try pointing your web browser at http://localhost:631/ and checking
the printer.  You should be able to print a test page.  If not, then
modify the existing printer, or create a new queue using the web
interface; you should see a number of LaserJet models.  You can just
choose the nearest, or if you install the HP PPD for the printer (on
your install CD, or download it) by copying it to
/usr/share/cups/model, that will appear in the list of available
printer once you reload/restart cups.  Once this is done, you should
be able to print a test page.

Let us know how you get on!


Thanks Roger,

Everything is now working remarkably well. It appears that the problem that I was having is hardware-related.. the printer randomly not able to pick up the paper from tray 2. My guess is that the rollers may need adjusting or something because after I replaced the hi-grade paper that I had in tray 2 with some cheaper/lighter all-purpose paper the problem does not appear to occur any more. Would make sense since before I had access to the additional functionalities provided by the HP ppd I was only able to print from tray 2 - the default. So if anything in the hardware is beginning to fail it would probably be related to tray 2 rather than tray 3 because I never used the latter... When I see the crappy printers HP make these days I think it's worth my taking some time off and getting to the bottom of this problem if/when it happens again...

I am rather amazed by the capabilities provided by cups with this particular printer once you install the manufacturer's ppd. I do not need banners.. watermarks.. etc.. but being able to switch trays with two different paper qualities is definitely very useful.. and printing 4 pages per sheet w/o performing unnecessary acrobatics is not bad either..

It's rather a pity that the cups doc does not include a quick setup manual covering common configurations. I'm sure all the answers are in the cups documentation but most new users only want to be up and running in minimal time - and I didn't find that the official cups doc was much help in this respect.

ok.. time to quit bitching..

Again, thank you very much for your help.


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