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Cannot get anything to print from GUI apps in Sarge

I installed debian about a year ago and I'm pretty sure I did not install cups since I am a lot more familiar with lprng. So I assume cups was installed "transparently" - possibly when I installed the KDE desktop (?)

Now although I have been able to print test pages from KDEPrint and short text files from the cli using the lp command.. and printing from a KDE/qt app such as LyX works fine (albeit with a caveat.. I am presented w/ two successive popups, the LyX one and then the KDEprint one.. this last one can take 10-15 seconds before it appears..) but I don't seem to be able to print anything from some non-KDE apps - eg. mozilla. It appears that these apps invoke the lpr print command - rather than cups's lp and changing the output command manually in these GUI apps only results in silence - nothing gets printed.. or error messages.

Since the only printer I have is an ancient B&W postscript printer (HP laserjet 2100M) is it really worth trying to get cups to work or should I try to switch to something more basic like lprng..?

Note: I use neither gnome nor KDE - just a window manager and mostly xterm+cli.


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