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Re: Recipe for installing Debian on powerpc (G4, 32-bit) Mac? [failed installation -- looking for advice]

On Mon, Dec 27, 2021, at 2:56 AM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> If you really want to help me, I suggest that you perform systematic tests with said
> image and collect the results and summarize expected behavior and actual behavior
> of the software. Also, please always save the log file so that we can quickly localize
> the package in question that is responsible for the warning or error message.
> The more accurate your tests results are, the easier it is for me to localize the bugs
> and fix them. So, installation tests are indeed always welcome if they come with usable
> test results.

OK, you're on!  Please give me a list of the ISO images you'd like tested and what kinds
of tests you want me to run.

For example, I've recently tested the 2021-10-06 image with the LVM partition scheme,
and given you a report on what I saw.  Is that sufficient for that ISO/partition combination?
Or is there some information missing that you'd like to have me add?

Thanks for the opportunity to help!

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