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Re: Recipe for installing Debian on powerpc (G4, 32-bit) Mac? [failed installation -- looking for advice]

Hello Rick!

On 12/18/21 03:53, Rick Thomas wrote:
> So... I downloaded the "powerpc" netinst iso from ports/snapshots/2021-10-20/ and
> burned it to a CD-R (the CD-RW's I had on the shelf were so old they couldn't
> be recognized in the burner)

Why didn't you use any of the snapshots that you previously used and that are known
to work? You keep repeating this mistake. Until all of the changes that I have made
have been properly merged into all parts of Debian - which is a long and tedious
process - you should not be using random ISO images but only those which are known
to work.

Search through your inbox and look for the one where you know the installation works.

> It booted fine and I chose to do the default non-graphical install in non-expert mode.
> I accepted all the default options up to partitioning disks, where I chose "guided --
> use entire disk" with "Separate /home partition"  this resulted in a partition scheme
> with a hfs partition mounted on /boot/EFI but no /boot partition per se.

The path "/boot/EFI" is already a pointer that this particular ISO image is missing
the partman-hfs module and you should have just stopped here. The proper path here
is /boot/grub and it must be formatted as HFS.

Use a different, known to work image.


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