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Re: Some background information

Hello Adrian,

Am Montag, dem 27.12.2021 um 11:42 +0100 schrieb John Paul Adrian
> Until that has happened, please stick to the images that are known to
> work or wait until I release new
> images with the missing temporary hacks implemented and which I am
> declaring as "supposed to work" or
> "known to work". FWIW, since I also create images for other
> architectures, I'm trying to create new
> images regularly. But I cannot always take care of the manual changes
> required for Apple PowerMac
> which is why even newer images might not work.

thank you very much - for both: Your in-deep explanation and the even
way more extensive work on supporting the PowerPC platform!

Currently I can't be much help on this other than testing some odds and
ends at some point (still need to learn how to do proper Debian
packaging). But if you point me to any entry point to learn how to
update the web documentation of the PPC port I may try to update those
pages using the information you provide (e.g. link the latest daily
install image known to work).

Thanks again

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