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Re: Updated installer images 2021-04-16 🎉


On 4/16/21 1:38 PM, Johannes Brakensiek wrote:
>> ppc64 should install fine on PowerMac G5 now.
> hooray! It works - smoothly! Very great! 🎉

OK, good. It was an obvious oversight when building the image and had nothing
to do with the changes I made to the various d-i packages itself.

> Really nice. To say it with words like Steve: It’s the best system that was ever made for a PowerMac G5!
> So, thank you for your efforts.

You're welcome.

> From a user’s perspective now I only had one wish left, Adrian: Do you think it would be
> possible to generate a blessed iso/install image? If I could boot that image using the
> regular „option key boot disk view“ of a Mac, it would be very appealing regarding user
> experience. I’d even say UX would be *very good* then.

But the image is blessed in HFS vocabulary. If you insert such a CD and press the <Option>
key during boot, the CD will be selectable during boot.


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