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Re: enabling/disabling AltiVec in Firefox and derived browsers (ArcticFox)

Hi Luke,

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

just to confirm: that's definitely "setting machine to capabilities that the machine doesn't have, then requesting that feature and gcc 10 says 'ok'" yes?

i do not know the exact machine, let us assume it is -mg3.

the options being passed are "gcc -mg3 -maltivec" and this should definitely cause gcc to raise an error, is that correct?

that is what the current test written by Adrian does, but I don't think it is the best solution.

Whould we really get an error? In the case of the g3 I don't think so, strictly speaking.

I did test
-mcpu=750 -mtune=750 -maltivec

And I do not get an error. However, CPUs with a 750 core and altivec do exist, even if they were not officially mounted in Mac, they were used elsewhere and perhaps upgrade boards exist (PPC 750 VX).
I might test with cores that impossibly can have AltiVec, like G2 cores

So I think the safest bet still would be a hard switch to enable/disable AltiVec builds.


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