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Re: Donations


John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

Since original discussion evolved around the G3 beige model, I would prefer if the community found a cheap G3 beige model to work on for me.

Also, the G3 beige tower takes less space as compared to the iMac.

Would a 9600 "last model" be of interest? It is not a G3 but a ppc 604e - a peculiar CPU faster than the 604? It is also one of the newer the "old world" machines. The CPU can be upgraded, on slot, dual, G3 and G4 were available (but different than the old 9500/9600 which had on-board cache.

I absolutely don't know how linux support is. I used to run NetBSD on it.. then stopped because I can just take a certain number of machines in my Lab and so it is on storage.


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