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Re: parallel buildd instances in chroots on same host?

Hi Ryan!

On 8/11/19 7:58 PM, Ryan Tandy wrote:
> It looks like the powerpc and ppc64 builds were running in parallel, on kapitsa and kapitsa2 respectively. If these builds were running in different chroots on the same host, then the test failure can be explained by ldapsearch returning data from a slapd instance started by the other build.
> Am I correct about the two chroots on the single host, and is this a common setup for Debian buildds?

Yes, this machine is running two buildd instances on the same machine. The machine rather fast so running
just one buildd instance would be a waste of resources. We are doing the same for sparc64 as well. For
example, landau has so many CPUs and RAM that it can easily host 4 buildd instances in parallel while
still being fast. The machine has 128 vCPUs and 96 GB of RAM.

> I had assumed builds were typically run in isolated VMs.

Yes, this certainly applies for the release architectures but not necessarily for Debian Ports architectures
where the buildd instances are not maintained by the DSA team.

Isolated VMs have the disadvantage that CPU and memory are not dynamically shifted across build jobs which
can make build jobs less efficient when you have one VM building a small package while the other one is
building something like Rust or gcc.

> The test suite supports customizing the port numbers (by an environment variable), so I could randomize that in debian/rules. However the test suite doesn't have a way to check whether the chosen port is already in use, or whether slapd actually started successfully, so the risk of collision can't be completely eliminated.

Understood. We might change the setup in the future. We just recently received a new POWER server by
IBM for the powerpc and ppc64 ports but I haven't had the time yet to set it up as I'm busy with
SUSE dayjob work.

> For now, could you please give back openldap/2.4.48+dfsg-1 on powerpc?

Done and it built fine.


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