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Re: parallel buildd instances in chroots on same host?

On 2019-08-11 10:58, Ryan Tandy wrote:
> I'm investigating why openldap failed its tests on powerpc:
> https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=openldap&arch=powerpc&ver=2.4.48%2Bdfsg-1&stamp=1564255370&raw=0
> The test001-slapadd failed because ldapsearch returned different data than
> expected. The test script is simple, it just imports data into an empty
> database (offline) and then starts slapd and tries to read back the same
> data using ldapsearch (online).
> It looks like the powerpc and ppc64 builds were running in parallel, on
> kapitsa and kapitsa2 respectively. If these builds were running in different
> chroots on the same host, then the test failure can be explained by
> ldapsearch returning data from a slapd instance started by the other build.
> Am I correct about the two chroots on the single host, and is this a common
> setup for Debian buildds? I had assumed builds were typically run in
> isolated VMs.

This is a correct assumption for official architectures. powerpc and
ppc64 are debian-ports architectures, so the setup might be different.
Adding powerpc@buildd.debian.org and ppc64@buildd.debian.org in Cc so
that the buildd maintainers can answer more about the setup.

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