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Re: ofpath vs ofpathname vs grub-ofpathname

On 7/30/19 11:20 PM, John Ogness wrote:
>> It needs to be tested on other PowerMacs such as the G3 or the G5, so
>> if anyone has such a machine, I would be interested in some tests with
>> the paths compared between the ofpath script from Yaboot and my
>> patched version of ofpathname from my mac-support branch in [1].
> I use an external firewire hard drive with my iBook G4. For me the
> mac-support branch is still broken:
> (from yaboot)
> $ sudo ofpath /dev/sda3
> /pci@f4000000/firewire@e/node@0090a993e05052f3/sbp-2/@0:3
> (mac-support branch)
> $ sudo ./ofpathname /dev/sda3
> /pci@f4000000/firewire@e/@0
> (master branch)
> $ sudo ./ofpathname /dev/sda3
> /pci@f4000000/firewire@e/scsi@0/sd@0,0

Yes, I already have read more into the ofpath sources and what it actually
does is constructing Open Firmware pathnames differently depending on the
bus system and device driver being used.

So, it will take a little longer to get that functionality into ofpathname
given all the testing and verification necessary on different machines.

Besides, ofpathname does not support partitions for SCSI devices (for some
reason that's only supported for NVME devices), so that needs to be added
as well.


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