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Re: Bug#765104: Update hfsprogs to 572.1.1

Hi Rogério!

On 2/2/19 12:39 AM, Rogério Brito wrote:
> Thanks for the pointers. I will try to work on these ASAP (including
> some at least another package of mine), since the new version that
> they may have package is sure to have many, many fixes and new
> features, compared to what we currently have in Debian.
>> Could you maybe import the sources from Fedora and thus update the
>> Debian package to version 540.1?
> Will do (and migrate everything to salsa and modernize the package,
> eliminate patches etc.).
Are you still interested working on hfsprogs or do you want me to take the
package over? Updating to a newer version of hfsprogs is surely needed now
and if you are no longer interested in maintaining the package, it would
be best to orphan it and me or someone else pick it up for maintenance.


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